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I’ve had a number of very helpful researchers offer links of interest. Some relate to the topic of mills, others to geneolgocal databases and still others of general interest. I think I identified the actual mill depicted on “The Ritter Mystery Cup”! Have a look around.

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The “Citizens of the city of Erfurt 1761-1833”

Includes numerous RITTERs including this mill owner : “7618. Ritter, Johann Heinrich, ev., Müller am 22. 2. 1804 hier geb.; 26. 9.” Which indicates that he was born in Erfurt on 22 February (other records indicate April) 1804 and became a citizen on 26 September 1833.


A very interesting article on the history of Mills in Erfurt.

Toward the end of the article is a section on the Heiligenmuhle located on  Mittelhäuser Straße. The English translation is rough but gets the point across:

The  Heiligenmühle [Holy, or Saints Mill] on Mittelhäuser Straße [Middle Homes Road] was mentioned beginning in 1332. Beginning in 1500 the mill was also called Nieder Waidt Mühle [Lower, or Low Waidt Mill] and around 1600 Heilungsmühle [healing, recovery, cure, treatment? mill].

Mill owners were: Rehsemarkt Family (1332), Phillip Becker (1610), Heinrich Stiegel (1616), Hans Schultes (1620), Hans Iserstedt (1621), Jakob Becker (1688), Johann Friedrich Lüdemann (1781), Friedrich Ritter (1824), Andreas Naue (1839), Heinrich und Albert Naue (1872)

Heiligenmühle was half oil and flour mill and later even milled peas and oatmeal.  A boiler plant and a greenhouse, as well as a factory for the manufacture of central heating systems and iron structures emerged on its premises around 1920.


Heiligen Mühle still exists today.

It is located on Mittelhäuser Straße and I suspect it is the actual mill depicted on the Ritter Mystery Cup!


This one goes without saying.


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