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The Fippinger Farm Mystery

Who’s who?!

I found three photos that were likely taken on the Fippinger family farm in Madison, Connecticut in the late 1930’s or early 40’s. Their farm is now know as the  Davis Burr-House (c. 1830 at 2199 Durham Road) as identified on the Madison Historical Society website.

My 2nd Great Grandfather, Christian Ritter (and presumably first owner of The Ritter Mystery Cup) lived in Madison, Connecticut–next to or very near the Fippinger family–at least through the 1910 and 1920 US Census periods. Was there a Ritter-Fippinger love connection? Or perhaps a turn-of-the-century I’ll-learn-to-love-you-in-time connection? Are we related, I’m not sure yet, but my family would visit the Fippinger “cousins” back in the day.

In the back row, left to right: 1. my Grandmother Elsie Schwarz SCHLETTER (daughter of Doris Ritter SCHWARZ), 2. unknown lady, 3. unknown lady, 4. unknown man but maybe the farm owner at this time Fred Fippinger?, 5. likely Dot SCHLETTER wife of Eddie below, 6. this might be my mother Jeannette SCHLETTER (later BROADHURST)

In the front row: 1. unknown girl with an unkown dog … but Fred Fippinger and his wife Helen had a 13 year old daughter Dorothy in 1940 maybe that’s her?, 2. my uncle Eddie SCHLETTER.

The lady of the left is known to me as “Grandma Schwarz”, my great grandmother. She called herself Doris. She was born Frederinne Dorothea RITTER in Holmestrand, Norway on Monday, 10 July 1865. The lady on the far right might be Doris’ granddaughter, and my Aunt Dorothy Schletter EVERS. The twosome in the middle are unkown at this time but believed to be Fippinger family members as the note on the back of the photo, added years later, reads “cousins Helen and Sabina”.

Okay, the pictures are getting worse. The lady on the far left looks to be my grandmother Elsie Schwarz SCHLETTER (see her in the first photo above) and next to her who knows? The kid on the far right could be Howard Fippinger, Fred and Helen’s 11 year old son (in 1940 that is).

So, who’s who? Any guesses?

The Madison Historical Society website has the following information about the house and family….

The Fippinger Family
owned 1898-1945

Peter and Sabina Fippinger, immigrants from Germany, were the next owners of the farm. Peter was sixty-nine at the time of the purchase; Sabina was forty-nine. Before moving to Madison, the Fippingers lived in New York where their children (Henry, Fritz, Margaretta, and Lina) were born. Peter died of tuberculosis only two years after the family moved to the house; he was buried in the Rockland Cemetery. Perhaps the move to the country was made with the hope of improving his health. Sabina and the family continued to live in the house; her sons Henry and Frederick farmed the land.  When Sabina died in 1917 at age sixty-eight, the farm went to Frederick and his wife, Helen.

This is some of the Fippinger genealogical family history….

  1. 1900 Census from Madison CT farmer Peter Fippinger (71) and his wife Sabina Fippinger (51) with children Henry (13), Fritz (11), Margaretta (9) and Lina (7)
  2. Father Peter died in Sept 1900
  3. 1910 Census from Madison CT: widow Sabina Fippinger (61) was on the farm with her sons Frederick (21) and Henry (24) and his wife Emily (18) and Sabina’s daughter Lena (17)
  4. Mother Sabina in Dec 1917
  5. 1920 Census from the same Madison farm, I think: farmer Fredrick Fippinger (31) and his wife Helen (20) and their daughter Sabina (1)
  6. 1920 Census from Hartford CT: Henry Fippinger (32) and his wife Emily (28) with their son Frederick (9) and boarder David Schmitt (33)
  7. 1930 Census from Madison CT: Frederick Fippinger (42) and his wife “Dorothy” (30) with their children Sabina M (11) Lorain T (9) Dorothy H (3) and Howard (1)
  8. 1930 Census from Hartford CT: Henry P Fippinger (43) and wife Emilie S (38) and children Frederick H (19) and Helen E (8)
  9. 1940 Census from the Madison farm: Frederick Fippinger (51) and his wife Helen (40) with their children Dorothy H (13) and Howard (11)
  1. #6 & #8 This was Pete’s GrandParents, Fredrick Henry was his father & Helen his Aunt.

  2. Miriam Ruth Fippinger Righter permalink

    Nicholas (1784 -1853) and Margarita (1784-1846) Fippinger

    Charlotte (1813)
    Valentine (1819)
    Phillipina (1821)
    Margaret (1826)
    Peter (1826) m in ny, to il
    Peter 1850 -1914 m Margaret (1854-1937 14 kids
    #2Fred W. 1876-1920 m Rose Trenkler
    Arthur W 1900
    Arthur W. Jr. 1927- 1970 m Constance Miriam Righter (divorced)
    Carol BETH m Dennis McGilvray
    Cameron Hays
    Grant Righter
    Miriam Beth
    Ann Bryant m J.L. Gilbert (divorced)
    JL Gilbert m Heather
    Charlie m Heidi (divorced)
    Stephen Arthur (Stevens) m Carla
    Webb Bryant m Meredith
    Gene Arthur
    Miriam Ruth Fippinger Righter m Joe Rogers (divorced)
    Stephen Joseph m Alisha Alderson
    Peter Edward
    Benjamin David m Brittni
    Tristan David
    Wyatt Franklin
    Martha Boardman Fippinger Stevens Burnett m. Brad (div)
    Gerald (Jerry)
    Don (m Donna)
    Jonathon David
    Barbara Fippinger Sitton
    1 Russ
    2 Karen
    3 Jonathon
    Jeannine Fippinger Powers
    Beka (Rebecca)
    Bruce (m Carol)
    Dale (m Malissa)
    Ron (m Carol)
    Lisa (m Paul Sorbo)
    Paul (PJ)
    Peter (engaged to Tamara)
    Fred 1904-1984
    Gertrude F. Hauber 1906
    Virginia F. Weeg 1918

    Henry (1830)
    Nicolas Jr. (1833)
    Jacob (1836 to 1910) to US in 1857

    Jacob m Maria Ritter (1841-1900) Fippinger
    Catherine (Kate) F. Pilz 1860-1943 by first wife Maria Stetzer
    Maria (Mary) F. Bury 1863-1959 by first wife Maria Stetzer
    Emma 1871-?
    Pauline Sleigh 1872- 1966
    Margaret 1873-1883
    Anna Bateman 1876-1924?
    Henry 1875-1937
    Henry Jr 1901-1956
    Henry Richard
    Steve b1958
    David b 1963
    Eric b1969
    Walter 1903-1908
    Alfred 1909-
    Norman 1912
    Jacob Jr. 1877-1932 m Elizabeth Hasslinger New York City
    Frederick 1902-1915
    Ruth Armstrong 1902-1945
    Wilber Jacob 1909- m Dorothy Webb (1915-1989) Fippinger New Jersey
    Jay Wilber 1939- m Dorothy Crawford 1941- Iowa, now Indiana
    Paul (md student) IC 1971-
    Ann piano teacher in Lousianna
    Charles 1882-1925
    Bertha 1906-1978
    Pauline Gwaldo 1909-1989
    Anna Gebler 1912-
    William 1884-1957

  3. Richard Broadhurst permalink

    Hi Miriam, I will contact you be email per your request. Thanks for posting!

  4. Lauren Fippinger permalink

    these are my distant relatives! this is so amazing! I am Lauren Fippinger… daughter of Dennis Fippinger, who is son of Howard and Maxine! These were amazing to look at…and all the boys looked the same growing up! I love little pieces of family history! Anything else anyone would be able to provide would be great. I don’t remember much from Grampa Howard, I was very young when he passed, I do remember the farm though, and visiting once in a while.
    Thank you to whomever posted this

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